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VL303 Needle TVS ATEX Kit

VL303 Needle TVS ATEX Kit


  • Beryllium Copper needles fitted as standard – Beryllium copper provides high strength with non-sparking and non-magnetic properties
  • TVS Dust shroud fitted as standard – Ensures that operators are protected from hazardous dust present in the coating and corrosion they are removing, dust from Beryllium copper is also hazardous and we strongly recommend that the VL Ex series is used in conjunction with the KAV Ex range of dust collectors
  • Fall arrestors – A simple drop protection solution is fitted to all VL Ex tools eliminating the risks of dropping the tool which could cause injury, equipment damage and downtime
  • Vibro-Lo™ vibration reduction – Our VL Ex needle scalers produce up to 8 times lower levels of harmful Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) than that of standard tools protecting operators and increasing usable working time and productivity


  • IMPA Part Number
  • ISSA Part Number
  • Type
    Pistol Grip
  • Piston Diameter
  • Piston Stroke
  • Blows Per Minute
  • Air Consumption (@ 6.2bar)
    2.6lps (5.5cfm)
  • Air Inlet Size (BSP)
  • Needle Quantity
    28 x 3mm
  • Overall Length
  • Weight (kg)
  • Noise Level Lwa db(A)
  • Vibration Level (Primary)
    2.3 m/s2 (k)
  • Vibration Level (Secondary)
    3.7 m/s2 (k)
1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty

We warrant that our tools shall be free from defects in original workmanship and material and that it will be inspected by us before shipment.

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